Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Super-Funkyless Playlist

Today's speical guest is either going to be Orlando's beloved singer/song writer Marc With a C, or our studio's intern, depending on avalibility.

1. Charles In Charge-Marc with a C

2. I'm In Love-Puffy Ami Yumi
3. Asleep at the Wheel-The Ziggens
4. Tennie Weenie Boppie-Les Sans Culottes
5. Holland, 1945-Nuetral Milk Hotel
6. Why Does the Sun Shine-They Might Be Giants

7. What Tom Said About the Girl-The Blow
8. Bad Morning Girl-The Pooh Sticks
9. Jet Ski Accidents-Wolf Colonel
10. Not Your Jesus-Carla Ulbrich
11. Mountian Trip To Japan 1959-The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
12. Denton, USA-Marc with a C

13. Sing-The Carpenters
14. Bite Size Help-Marc with a C
15. Transatlantic Telephone Call-Lois
16. All the Umbrellas in London-The Magnetic Fields
17. Teenage Caveman-Beat Happening
18. Tara Mascara-Language of Flowers

Be sure to tune in at 4:00-5:00 on wowl.fau.edu!

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